Structural Design

Structural design is the creative process from which paperboard packages are created. It requires several iterations with thorough consideration of the package\'s life cycle: from distribution to shelf life.

Senyu RIM Program

This is our important value to do a RIM (Re-design and Improvement Solutions) for customers.

We can show you that how to optimize boxes for both protection and shipping based on current packaging design, how to maximize cube efficiencies and how to minimize damage. And we can help you achieve significant freight

and handling savings.

What we do:

1. Protect products during transport (Paper & structure have sufficient strength to protect product from damage)

2. Use recycle material for the package (e.g. paper instead of polyform)

3. Define paper material fit for the product package (no over pack / not weakness)

4. Save freight cost. To reduce the cube of package by increasing the product density, increasing pack count, changing product orientation, etc.

Box Diecut Creat

Dielines will be created based on box structure.

Graphic Design

This job means the generation of ideas and directions from customer perception of their brand, and their understanding and desire on how their target customers perceive the brand. Our designers will be the bridge between the intangible ideas and the tangible packaging design. In normal practice, a brand has a particular design and color which represent a certain product line.Artwork production is to do graphic layout according to the style guide provided by customer.

Mock Up Sampling
We can do mock up samples by handcrafts or CNC color box cutting machine before doing official proof samples to be sure the box size and structure is ok based actual product. Also that will help customers to quickly get packaging’s look and feeling.
QC & Testing

Other importance of testing cannot be over-emphasized. Too many brands run into trouble during product development. Senyu provides everything in-house...drop testing, abrasion testing, temperature and humidity testing and just about any other testing protocol under the sun. Every brand and retailer comes to the table with specific, often different, testing requirements. We work with them all.

Our QA team will follow agreed standard to control colors, materials and size for mass production.

Mass Production
Over 12 years experience working in production and high quality products including corrugated boxes, set-up box, cardboard display, company catalogue and other paper package items. Our production facility is in Shenzhen with around 200 workers, and consists of four 5-storey buildings which have resulted in a complete vertical production line allowing us to ensure greater control and quality, and to provide timely delivery.